Long Term Care Inquiry

The Public Hearings of Long Term Care Inquiry opened in St. Thomas on June 5.  Elizabeth Wettlaufer murdered or injured fourteen persons.  She confessed and was convicted to long imprisonment last year.  The Public Hearings allows the survivors, families of victims and the public to hear the details of these tragic events.  

Ontario Long Term Care Clinicians is a Participant at the Hearings.  Dr. Fred Mather, OLTCC President, said the following in his opening remarks:

“With shock, sadness and sympathy, OLTCC is here to listen to the facts of the intentional deaths in and other risks to long term care residents.  We will witness the effect that these events had on residents, families, staff and others.  We await to carry forward recommendations for improvements in the safety and security of our facilities.”

Updates and observations from the Inquiry will be provided on the web site, www.oltcc.ca, under the Blog tab.